Justin Kuepper

I am a traveler and polymath interested in health, finance, travel, and software working in Denver, Colorado. I build and write things that help people live better lives. More

I write for About, Investopedia, Mitre Media, and other media outlets covering personal finance and investing topics.

I build health, finance, and travel related web and mobile applications, including RationalCook and StreetBuff, as a full-stack Ruby developer. I also contribute to a number of open source projects in the financial and healthcare industries.

I give to GiveDirectly and support political organizations advancing new ideas like income tax reform and basic income.


Rational Cook is a meal planning application that helps individuals measure and optimize their nutrition; companies generate revenue and data from their diet plans; and doctors better address nutrition-related illnesses by tracking patient nutrition.
Solo Founder | Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, SCSS, jQuery

StreetBuff helps connect travelers with locals willing to help answer questions and make recommendations. We eventually hope to expand our app into an API that empowers developers to create similar applications across many different verticals.
Co-Founder & CTO | Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, HTML5, SCSS


11 Jun 2015

On Eating Patterns
Thoughts on optimizing nutrition for health and longevity.


10 Jun 2016

How to Cache API Calls in Rails
Learn why and how to cache simple API calls in Ruby on Rails using built-in methods.

22 Sep 2015

Announcing Huckleberry for Easy Access to Nutrition Data
A curated version of the USDA's database for Rails-based apps.

26 Aug 2015

What's Really Happening with the Market
A look beyond the disinformation at the real story behind this week's move.

20 Aug 2015

Testing Authentication in a Rails API Using Rspec
Different considerations when testing user authentication in Rails APIs.

11 Aug 2015

Why Bootstrapped Companies Should Have a Pitch Deck
Investor pitch decks are great for helping entrepreneurs refine ideas.